announces its 3d Judi Slot Jackpot winner



News about lucky casino players pop here and there daily. It makes others think of going to some casinos and trying their luck there. Some of these players manage to become famous with their huge winnings, the others simply become means of the income for the casino.


A player was assured by his friend to spend his time playing judi slot slots and getting fun. She did so and was lucky to hit a large progressive jackpot estimated in $100 000. She is now the third big winner at the site online casino site.


She remarked that her friend had convinced her to try First she played free games to find out what games she liked the most. After a small training the winner transferred money to her account and started a serious game.


That unforgettable night started with a video poker game Jack’s show. After this game the winner focused on playing Heavenly Reels, a 4-payline slot machine with a progressive jackpot. However, her $100 000 she won on Wheeler Dealer, slots with nine reels and 8 pay lines.


The lucky winner said that the very beginning of the game on Wheeler Dealer was of good omen. She observed fast rises in her cash. She admitted that after a 15 minute’s play she didn’t get many winnings and was about to give up. But luckily she hit 100,224 dollars. focuses on instant play is an online Togel Singapore casino, operated by a French Barrier group. The group is known as an owner of casinos and luxury hotels. LeCroupier casino looks alike with Deauville casino.


Players seeking a game in LeCroupier casino can find it simply by signing up logging in. The casino is based rather on online versions of games than downloadable. As a matter of the fact, there are only two games a player can download to his computer. They are roulette and blackjack. But it is a thin edge of the wedge. The casino is planning to enlarge its collection of games for download.


Chief Operating Officer at LeCroupier, Jon Strock, remarked that in land-based casinos people enjoyed their gaming experience. The casino does its best to attract as many players as possible and it succeeds. Besides, Jon added that they wanted their players to have entertaining gambling opportunities in online casinos. In other words, the casino wants to combine the atmosphere of real and online gambling and make it of no difference for players.


LeCroupier casino believes that a new brand flash version presented on their casino web site will be liked by all gamblers. The flash version is suitable for all operating systems.