New British Comic Awards Announced

1st annual British Comic Awards announced

Nomination recommendations are now welcomed; award presentation ceremony takes place 17th November 2012 as part of the Thought Bubble Comics Art Festival

The British Comic Awards are an exciting new initiative, running in conjunction with 2012’s Thought Bubble Festival and Leeds Book Awards, and represent an annual celebration of the best stories told by writers and illustrators over the past twelve months. Nomination recommendations are now welcomed from the public, comic creators, and comic publishers, and this year’s award presentation ceremony will take place at the Thought Bubble Convention on November 17th.

The BCAs serve to recognise and reward the finest examples of creativity, ingenuity, skill, and originality in illustrated storytelling produced over the last twelve months. The awards don’t distinguish between printed work and digital, or between published and self-published work; their only criteria is that the creator(s) and publisher be based in the UK. The BCAs are seeking to develop an award that recognises the incredible wealth of creative talent to be found in the UK, and reflects the quality of the work that they are awarded to.

The British Comic Awards is comprised of an Awards Committee and a Judging Panel. Broadly speaking, the Committee is responsible for selecting the nomination shortlist while the Panel, which changes every year, is responsible for selecting the overall winner of each category.

Nominees for the British Comic Awards must be the work of a wholly British creative team, with Britain in this context referring to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the rights to such work should belong either to creators or a UK publisher.

The Committee works hard to stay aware of work from all levels of the comics community, but welcomes suggestions and recommendations from members of the public, and is happy for creators and publishers to also get in touch while the nominations period is open.

Once the shortlist has been announced then the final decisions will rest in the hands of our Judges. The Judges for each year’s award will be chosen based on their knowledge, contributions to, and experience of the comics industry, and are selected by the Committee. The only exceptions to this are The Hall of Fame Award, which is chosen by the Committee and the Young People’s Comic Award which is chosen by children from numerous schools.

The award categories themselves comprise:

  • The Best Comic award, open to short-form, self-contained stories published between 1stSeptember 2011 and 31st August 2012;
  • The Best Book award, open to long-form comics or collections published between 1stSeptember 2011 and 31st August 2012;
  • The Emerging Talent award, open to creators who have shown irrepressible talent, ingenuity, and potential over the previous year, and who are early on in their career as a comic creator;
  • The Hall of Fame award, which celebrates talented and influential figures from Britain’s rich comics tradition;
  • The Young People’s Comic Award, which is run in association with the Leeds Book Awards and Leeds Library. This award is judged by young people and aims to celebrate the best in short-form and long-form stories suitable for a young audience published between 1st August 2011 and 31st July 2012.

For all the latest news and updates, please visit or get real-time updates on twitter (@BritComicAwards).

Quote from British Comic Awards founding committee member Adam Cadwell:

“The British Comic Awards were conceived in May 2011 after I witnessed the simplicity and elegance of the Doug Wright Awards in Canada. I starting talking to other comic artists and the Thought Bubble team about setting up a new awards, and a year later we’re ready to go.

The awards are designed to focus on the work itself and the wonderful stories being told by the wealth of talent in this country. There are only 5 awards which will emphasise the high quality of all the nominated books, not just the winners. Our children’s award will be voted for by children and we’ll be inducting the first artist to our Hall of Fame.

The comics culture in Britain is hugely ambitious, but often very modest too. It’s about time we pause for a moment and commend some of the incredible work that’s being done.

The Thought Bubble Festival is the last date on the UK comics calendar and I hope the British Comic Awards ceremony will be a fitting celebration to the end of a very busy 12 months for everyone involved in the British comics scene.”



Notes to Editors:

The British Comic Awards:

  • A brand new initiative founded in May 2011, with an inaugural awards presentation ceremony taking place 6pm November 17th in the Leeds Royal Armouries’ Bury Theatre as part of Thought Bubble 2012;
  • Seeks to recognise and reward innovation in comics and their creators, highlighting important creative works to the general public, as well as commending the work of the UK comics industry;
  • Nomination recommendations are welcomed from members of the public, comic creators, and comic publishers, for more information on the nomination process, please visit the website;
  • The British Comic Awards are a partner of Thought Bubble 2012 which runs 11th – 18thNovember at venues around Yorkshire, for more information on the festival, please visit


Clark Burscough and Adam Cadwell, PRESS CO-ORDINATORS