Experts say Mexico could legalize casino gambling

Experts at the Global Gaming Expo say Mexican lawmakers may legalize casino gambling this year, opening the door to a potentially enormous market.


Legislation to legalize casinos in border and resort areas is pending in the lower house of Mexico’s Congress, said Donald Brennan, vice president of development for Nevada Gold&Casinos; Inc.


“The odds are that before November 2002, it will actually, for the first time, come to a vote, and I am now predicting it will pass,”Brennan said Thursday.


Mexico wants more U.S. dollars and Euros, and one way to do that is to increase tourism, which Nevada-style gambling could fuel, said Brennan, whose company is scouting Mexico for casino opportunities.


The country already has quality resort, beach and golf environments, he said.


“If you add the dimension of gaming, all of a sudden Mexico is really on the map,”he said.


Brennan was among four panelists discussing the prospects for Mexican casino gambling at the Global Gaming Expo trade show that has attracted an estimated 12,000-plus people this week.


Mexico has had legal racetracks since the 1930s and race and sports books since the 1970s, said Susan Bala, president and chief executive officer of Racing Services Inc. Her company has eight books in the country and is preparing to open a track for horse and dog racing across the border from Laredo, Texas.


“(Mexico) could be one of the most important new emerging UFA gaming markets,”Bala said.


Gambling consultant Steven Gallaway of The Innovation Group estimated conservatively that Mexico could be a $3-billion-a-year casino market, with at least $600 million of that along Mexican border towns.


But Bala estimated the market across from the Laredo-Brownsville region alone could amount to $600 million yearly.


Brennan said that after more than a decade of off-and-on discussion, the chances for passage of legislation legalizing casinos now look good.


“It shows the change in Mexico,”particularly since the election two years ago of President Vicente Fox.


Bradford Smith, former chairman of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, has consulted with Mexican officials about gambling regulatory and industry structure.


“The Congress in Mexico is very serious about bringing casinos into Mexico and they’re very serious about doing it the right way,”Smith said.


They’ve asked how to exclude the criminal element, promote positive economic impacts, taxes, jobs and more, he said.


Aside from tourists, Mexico’s population of 91 million people offers a large market base for gambling, Gallaway said, estimating that 60 percent have enough disposable income to gamble.


If legislation passes this fall, it would take months to establish a control commission and regulatory framework, making the timing of any casino openings uncertain, panelists said.


Brennan envisions the casino legislation allowing about 65 percent foreign ownership in casinos, with 35 percent held by a Mexican partner. He advised picking a substantial, wealthy, well-respected Mexican partner.


“If you don’t, don’t get in there,”he cautioned.


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Ligaz11 Review of Blackbelt in Blackjack (2nd ed.)



Arnold Snyder has been one of the most prominent voices in the Blackjack world in recent years. Through his quarterly publication, Blackjack Forum, he has helped keep the Blackjack playing public informed of the latest trends in the game. In the spirit of keeping things up to date, Snyder has updated Blackbelt in Blackjack to reflect the conditions that the Blackjack card counter is likely to face in today’s casino.


The book is divided into three parts, plus an appendix. The first section, “Earning Your White Belt”, covers the basics. The reader learns the background to card counting, the most basic mechanics of playing Blackjack in a casino, basic strategy, the Red Seven count system, bankroll requirements, and reading table conditions. The basic stuff is obligatory, and Snyder dispenses with it quickly. The Red Seven is a reasonable count, and an easy one to pick up, but, frankly, the KO count system by Vancura and Fuchs is better and more complete, so I wouldn’t recommend actually learning it. Snyder’s bankroll requirements are sound, and his understanding of the importance of table conditions is solid. One of Snyder’s greatest virtues as a Blackjack writer is his honesty. He never claims that making money by playing Blackjack is easy, and his honest approach shines throughout this section, and the entire book.


Section two, “Earning Your Green Belt”, gets into the meat of the book. Two serious counting systems, the Hi-Lo Lite and Zen counts, are discussed thoroughly. I’m fond of the Hi-Lo Lite, it maximizes power while minimizing the effort required. The Zen Count is more powerful, but I really can’t recommend using it. As Snyder acknowledges, it’s a compromise between simple and complex, ace neutral and ace weighted. It’s an interesting intellectual exercise, but I think one’s better off going with one extreme or another. If this isn’t clear, I recommend waiting before studying this particular count system. This section also covers true count conversion, betting strategies, not getting noticed, and the dangers of camouflage betting. All of these sections are important and written well.


The third section, perhaps predictably by now, is titled “Earning Your Black ligaz11 Belt”. The chapters in this section cover how to survive as a big bettor, team play, shuffle tracking, and special rules. These sections are good, although those interested in shuffle tracking should read the Blackjack Forum series on this topic, and the special rules chapter rather sketchy.


The appendix includes basic strategy tables (good ones), the complete Hi-Lo Lite and Zen strategies, and a bibliography and list of recommended reading. This information is very solid and very useful.


I’d probably be safe in presuming that every serious counter has already read Blackbelt in Blackjack. If not, get the second edition and read it. The first edition was good, the second is better. The information it contains is important. The real question is, should someone who already has the first edition buy the second? The answer is, it depends. Some of this book is new, significantly the Hi-Lo Lite strategy. If this is of interest, definitely pick up the second edition. Also, material has generally been brought up to date. If one hasn’t been keeping current with Blackjack Forum or any other source of Blackjack information, the second edition might be rather valuable in this respect. However, if one doesn’t use any of the counting systems discussed, and has been keeping current with Blackjack trends over the last decade, one can probably afford to not update their first edition copies.



Blackbelt in Blackjack is an important book in the library of a card counter. The second edition is also a noticeable improvement over the first edition. However, the counter who has been keeping current and doesn’t use any of the counting systems discussed within, can probably afford to pass if they already have the first edition.


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$16 Million Paid Out Via เกมสล็อตที่แตกง่ายที่สุด 2021 Jackpot Madness

Microgaming, one of the largest developers of online casino systems, has announced that their Jackpot Madness portal has paid out more than $16,000,000 in total jackpot payouts to date.

The portal features 5 progressive slots games, the oldest and most popular being Cash Splash. Introduced in October 1998, Cash Splash is a three-reel, three-coin single-line progressive slot machine connected to numerous casinos using the company’s proprietary software. The game’s popularity has grown rapidly in two years and is now available at more than 50 online casinos.

Two additional progressive games, “Wowpot,” another three-reel, three-coin, single-line progressive slot and “Lotsaloot,” a three-reel, three-coin, five-line progressive slot game, were added last April. These were followed in August by two more games: “Supajax,” a video poker progressive and “Fruit Fiesta,” a three-reel, three-coin, three-line progressive slot.

With thousands of people playing simultaneously across the entire Microgaming Jackpot Network, large progressive jackpots are won on a daily basis.

The site keeps a running real-time jackpot counter for inquiring gamers, as well as links to casinos offering Microgaming’s progressive games. It also features a casino search page where players can select a casino based upon their favorite jackpot game, current jackpot values or the price of placing a jackpot-enabled bet. Winner interviews are also featured on the site, as well as details about how much money has been won during the month as well as the total Jackpot Madness money paid.

A total of 565 lucky เกมสล็อตที่แตกง่ายที่สุด 2021 winners have shared in the $16,000,000 jackpot bonanza. The win that pushed Jackpot Madness over the $16 million point was a $50,196.61 jackpot won by Carol D. at King Solomon’s Casino December 2.

“ is hugely successful and drawing vast numbers of players to the over 50 casinos connected to the portal,” said Lisa Wycherley, Senior VP of Operations at Microgaming Systems. “With over $16,000,000 in jackpot payouts in a relatively short period of time, the popularity of the site has exceeded all of our expectations.”

Lasseters Comments on Net Gambling Bill

Earlier this week the Australian Government passed legislation to temporarily ban the issue of licenses to new Internet gambling operations. The ban is in effect until May next year. Several online casino operators who established gambling sites since May this year will be forced to close their operations.

“We are stunned by the double standard established by the Federal Government through the passage of this Bill,” said Peter Bridge, Managing Director of Lasseters Online. Lasseters is Australia’s first regulated online casino. Since its launch in April 1999 it has achieved gaming turnover of more than $210 million and attracted about 85,000 players from across the world.

Bridge believes the ban is a giant step backwards in the effort to establish consistent national regulation of all forms of online gaming in Australia.

“The tragedy is, the casino operators who have done all the right things in establishing responsible, regulated online gaming, are the ones who are most discriminated against through this Bill,” says Bridge. “It is only these operators who set betting limits, require proof of identity and offer self exclusion facilities.”

Bridge sees the moratorium as a threat to Lasseters international competitiveness. “The moratorium will prevent us from upgrading our site as new technology becomes available. It will also prevent us from extending the variety of gaming products offered. This is critical to retaining and attracting players particularly as Internet usage grows in new markets worldwide. It is difficult to run a business as diverse as Lasseters Online with so much government uncertainty. To change our site to reflect its status in May will lose seven months of continual development.”

More operators are expected to move offshore because of the position being taken by the Federal Government in Australia. “There are already examples of casino operators moving to offshore jurisdictions with low standards of regulation as a result of domestic prohibition. For example, Christchurch Casino has recently established under a license from Antigua because of New Zealand’s policy on online gaming.”

Despite their displeasure with the Bill, Bridge said Lasseters will comply with the moratorium.…

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Boss Media Launches Situs Judi Bola Ambassador Casino

Boss Media – Boss Media is proud to announce the launch of Ambassador Casino, its most advanced online casino to date. This casino offers a rare blend of unparalleled stability, game integrity, the best graphics and many new features in a user-friendly environment. Ambassador Casino has gone further than any other online casino operator to develop sophisticated management processes and compliance standards that are on par with land-based casinos.

Launching in the wake of the most rigorous testing program in the industry, Ambassador Casino has undertaken numerous enhancements to the Boss Media software. A unique combination of cutting-edge technology and customer focus has been developed.

Some of the most notable enhancements include a progressive downloader/installer that is seamless to the user. Computer novices can download the software with the help of a simple step-by-step guide on the web site. Players can select from a range of classic Situs Judi Bola casino games and the simplified function keys enable a smooth and fast gaming experience that will be appreciated by even the most experienced gambler. As a result, Ambassador Casino is one of the user-friendliest casinos available to the rapidly growing number of online gamblers.

At Ambassador Casino, customers will find a superior casino environment with rich graphics that are the best in online gaming. They can choose exciting features such as exclusive private tables, a luxury normally afforded only to the rich and famous, or their own background music through MP3 files.

Customers can be assured of total game integrity when playing at Ambassador Casino. The casino is only one of a handful that can claim a PricewaterhouseCoopers review of the Random Number Generator together with the monthly payouts. Furthermore, independent certification of the games for fairness is planned in the near future.

With a position of compliance leadership, Ambassador Casino operates only in a totally legal fashion. Ambassador Casino will not accept real play from any jurisdiction where Internet gambling is illegal or from minors. Other measures to prevent underage gambling include voluntary registration with all web-filtering organizations. Rigorous and proactive procedures have been integrated into the software and Ambassador Casino’s management processes to ensure full legal compliance and social responsibility on a continuous basis.

Ambassador Casino is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada and is a member of the Interactive Gaming Council.

The launch of Ambassador Casino heralds a new breed of sustainable and credible online casinos dedicated to providing the best in online gambling for the long term. Trust, credibility and a superior gambling experience will ensure players keep coming back for more.


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George’s Pkv Games Premiership Predictions

The Premiership rolls on after a week of mixed fortunes for English clubs in Europe. The Manchester clubs both had narrow 2-1 wins against German opposition but London’s Arsenal and Chelsea both lost.

In the Europa League there were 1-1 draws for both Liverpool and Spurs.

In the Premiership this weekend Manchester United travel to face Arsenal where a defeat for the hosts could heap more pressure on Arsene Wenger. Manchester United won this fixture last season and have a good record away at Arsenal.

Chelsea need to halt their slide at home to Southampton who will be difficult opponents. We are backing another slight upset for Mourinho’s struggling Blues, a draw.

Pkv Games manager Brendan Rogers says Liverpool are bigger than city rivals Everton. All the form points to Everton having the bragging rights after this weekend’s encounter but the draw remains the favourite.

Manchester City should be too good for Newcastle, but the Magpies got a point the last time they were in Manchester in August at Old Trafford. That was in a scoreless draw. We think City will score and win 1-0.

Saturday, 3 October 2015


Crystal Palace 2 v West Brom 0

Aston Villa 1 v Stoke 1

Bournemouth 1 v Watford 1

Man City 1 v Newcastle 0

Norwich 2 v Leicester 1

Sunderland 1 v West Ham 1

Chelsea 2 v Southampton 2


Sunday, 4 October 2015


Everton 2 v Liverpool 1

Arsenal 1 v Man Utd 2


Swansea 1 v Tottenham 1


Rooney 7/1 To Outscore Arsenal As bet365 In-Play Offer Returns


Wayne Rooney broke his Premier League duck versus Sunderland last weekend, and the striker, who scored his 1st Premier League goal, 1st Man Utd league goal and 100th top flight career goal against Arsenal, is 7/1 to outscore the Gunners on his own on Sunday.


Arsenal v Man Utd Sun 4th Oct

Who Will Score More Goals (Rooney must start)

Arsenal 2/5 Tie 3/1 Wayne Rooney 7/1

90 Minutes Betting

Arsenal Evs Draw 14/5 Man Utd 14/5


bet365 will also be running their risk free In-Play bet offer on the clash at the Emirates.

Place a pre-match bet on the Arsenal v Man Utd game and we’ll give you a risk free In-Play bet to the same stake on the big match.


To qualify for your risk free In-Play bet, simply place a bet before kick-off then, once the game starts, place another bet on any In-Play market. If your FIRST In-Play bet loses we will refund this stake, up to the same value as your largest pre-match bet (max refund £50*). *or currency equivalent – full terms & conditions


Soccer – Barcelona reeling from Iniesta injury


Andres Iniesta will not travel with Barcelona to the Sanchez Pizjuan to face Sevilla in La Liga on Saturday because of a hamstring injury. Barca coach Luis Enrique described early reports suggesting the decorated Spain playmaker could be out for two months as “terrible news” and the veteran midfielder will now join Argentina superstar Lionel Messi on the sidelines. Rafinha, Claudio Bravo, Adriano and Thomas Vermaelen are also expected to miss Saturday’s return to La Liga. Last season’s Treble winners were subjected to boos from a section of Camp Nou supporters on Tuesday when Kyriakos Papadopoulos gave Bayer Leverkusen a shock lead before the Catalans sealed a 2-1 win in the Champions League, and Enrique felt the reaction was unfair. “These are thorns in our side we have to shake off,” Enrique told reporters. “My players deserve a huge amount of credit for turning around a very difficult situation. It was a tough night – the second game without our best player [Messi] and our second win.” Sevilla are currently priced 3/1 by bet365 in the match betting and the draw outcome is quoted 13/5. Barcelona are available to back in the 90 minutes market at 10/11.


Soccer – Rodgers won’t go looking for sympathy


Brendan Rodgers has said there should be some “perspective” about Liverpool’s start to the new season and insisted he will be not be seeking assurances over his future from the club’s owners. An underwhelming start to the Premier League, which has yielded three wins from the opening seven games, was compounded by a second successive draw in the Europa League on Thursday against Sion. Now the attention turns to Sunday’s Merseyside derby and the chance to upset in-form hosts Everton, while Rodgers stressed his players are only five points adrift of leaders Manchester United. “It’s about perspective. It’s still very early. We’re a couple of points off where we want to be, five points off the top with a lot of improvement left to come,” he told reporters at his press conference on Friday. “Everton have done well. They are a point ahead of us. They’ve had a good start and we’ve had a disaster!” Rodgers said he did not need an arm around the shoulder from the club’s owners and vowed to stick to his brief of trying to improve his players. “I don’t seek reassurances. I love the club, I enjoy being here and the challenge of improving and developing,” he said. Everton are currently priced 9/1 to finish in the top four in the Premier League, with Liverpool 11/4 with bet365.


Soccer – Martinez ramps up derby scrutiny


Roberto Martinez has attempted to diffuse some of the heat on his Everton players by suggesting the pressure of Sunday’s Merseyside derby is on local rivals Liverpool. Everton are four places but only one point better off than Brendan Rodgers’ side and Martinez does not subscribe to the opinion a six-match unbeaten run in all competitions about his team makes the result a formality. Liverpool’s spending since the arrival of Rodgers from Swansea in 2012 is estimated to be close to £300 milliom and Martinez says that level of outlay only increases the burden on the visitors. “If you’re looking at … the amount of money that Liverpool have spent in the last three seasons, clearly they need to be the favourites,” Martinez told his pre-match conference on Friday. Everton have not lost in the Premier League in four games since a 2-0 defeat by leaders Manchester City and Martinez has demanded his players make home advantage count. “It’s about how good we can be,” he said. “How well we can start the game. How consistent we can be throughout the 90 minutes. And how much we can use playing at home [to] our advantage.” Everton are priced 17/10 by bet365




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Don’t Bet Against Mob, or Government

LOST $3 in a Super Bowl pool at the office. Very annoying, so much so that it was tempting to sic the cops on the organizer. That’ll teach him to run a betting operation, especially one that keeps me from winning.

But whoever came up with the cliché about revenge was right. It is not a dish best served hot, or even lukewarm. Turns out that the office pool was not illegal. “A pool is fine,” said Charles J. Hynes, the Brooklyn district attorney. “There’s no vigorish involved.”

For the uninitiated, vigorish is the built-in edge on the odds created by a bookmaker to assure himself a profit. Since the office pool’s organizer did not take a cut of the action, no law was broken.

Oh well. Can’t blame a fellow for trying. And it gets so complicated trying to figure out why some forms of gambling are illegal and others are perfectly fine.

Mr. Hynes strove to explain the distinctions as he teamed on Sunday with his Staten Island counterpart, Daniel M. Donovan Jr. Together, they announced the arrests of 12 New York men accused of unlawfully taking bets on sporting events.

You’ve seen variations of this story many times. Mr. Hynes’s announcements of gambling raids are as much a Super Bowl Sunday tradition as hyper halftime shows and silly dances after touchdowns.

The district attorneys noted that the arrested men included “Asian suspects” and “more traditional organized crime suspects.” What, you may ask, are “more traditional organized crime suspects”? The answer was left to the imagination. But if you go to Mulberry Street, you will find quite a few restaurants serving “more traditional” food.

Some might applaud this ethnic diversity as one more marvelous example of New York, the gorgeous mosaic. Not the district attorneys. They mentioned ethnicity to show the mob’s many tentacles.

If he had his druthers, Mr. Hynes said, government would legalize sports betting and reap billions for itself. Instead, he said, the gambling is “a cash cow for organized crime.” That’s terrible. Think of all this money pouring into the pockets of unsavory types who use it to finance drug dealing, hijacking, racketeering and inventing those catchy nicknames that newspapers like to wrap in parentheses.

But you have to wonder sometimes how frightened we should be. The mob has fallen far from its glory days of Mustache Petes and their rat-a-tat-tat successors.

Recent news reports say that the last Mafia don in New York, Joseph C. Massino, has thrown omertà overboard and is spilling his guts to the feds. (Apologies for the B-movie lingo; we get carried away.) If Francis Ford Coppola had to deal with this kind of material, he might be known today only as a California winemaker who makes occasional movies.

As for the gambling money’s destination, the Suffolk County authorities announced their own raid the other day. A share of the sports-betting profits, they said, went to open a rice-pudding shop on Spring Street in Manhattan. Rice pudding. Is nothing too ruthless for some people?

THE thing is, though, that people are being arrested for exactly what the state itself has long been doing: taking bets. Only government calls it the lottery, or off-track betting, or authorized casinos run by Indians.

State-sponsored gambling is particularly adept at prying money loose from poor people. Check out the line for lottery tickets at the grocery store. See many men and women dressed in Armani, do you? Few officials are more partial to this soak-the-poor technique than Gov. George E. Pataki, who would like to fill the state with video lottery terminals, souped-up slot machines that detractors refer to as video crack.

Like organized crime, government funnels its situs poker online terpercaya gambling income into operations that many find unacceptable. Ostensibly, the money goes for education. But that claim has been dismissed as “just a myth” by the former state comptroller H. Carl McCall. The money ends up being tossed into the treasury along with other revenue. You could just as easily say that it pays for welfare checks or the Sing Sing exercise yard or other pursuits that might lack universal appeal.

Of course, comparisons between the government and the mob stretch only so far. Don’t underestimate organized crime, Mr. Hynes cautioned, or gambling’s role in keeping it going.

He may be right. For all we know, some mobster at this very moment is turning to a henchman and saying: “Leave the gun. Take the rice pudding.”




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Manchester United v Barcelona Situs Judi Online24Jam Astrological Prediction



Did you know Josep Guardiola has Mars in Scorpio, conjunct Jupiter?


Up-to-date on the fact that Mars was in Aries when Alex Ferguson was born?


Sir Alex has a lot of Capricorn in his chart, did you know? Ferguson currently has Saturn conjunct the north node of his moon. Both the charts of Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson have a lot of Jupiter and Mars activity in them at the Situs Judi Online24Jam moment. What are we on about?


Find out the astrological forecast for Manchester United and Barcelona ahead of the Champions League Final this Wednesday in Rome.


Kashima Antlers in control before the international break


The Kashima Antlers juggernaut shows no sign of slowing down as the Ibaraki giants beat Gamba Osaka 1-0 in front of a capacity crowd of 19,092 at Expo ’70 Stadium in Osaka.


Former Japan international Koji Nakata stepped into midfield in place of the suspended Mitsuo Ogasawara, and the ex-FC Basel star promptly scored the only goal of the game after just sixteen minutes.


The purported outbreak of “Swine Flu” in the Kansai region failed to prevent a capacity crowd from descending on Banpaku for the marquee clash between Gamba and Kashima, but only 6,002 fans turned out at Kobe Wing Stadium a day earlier to watch Vissel Kobe beat Kashiwa Reysol.


Those that did saw on-loan Benfica striker Marcel nod home a simple finish after seven minutes, before veteran Park Kang-Jo added a second for the hosts just after the hour mark. Kashiwa pulled a goal back from a direct free-kick through substitute Popo with ten minutes remaining, but Kobe substitute Kenji Baba rounded out the scoring when he volleyed home in stoppage time.


In front of a sell-out crowd of 15,632 at Yamaha Stadium, hosts Jubilo Iwata beat Tokai rivals Nagoya Grampus 2-1, with all the goals coming in the final ten minutes of the game.


Nagoya were reduced to ten men when midfielder Yoshizumi Ogawa saw red with nine minutes remaining, and Jubilo took advantage when Daisuke Nasu nodded home from a rebound two minutes later, before substitute Sho Naruoka added a second soon after. Davi pulled a goal back for Nagoya, but it was not enough to prevent Dragan Stojkovic’s side from succumbing to defeat in this Tokai derby.


FC Tokyo went down to local rivals Kawasaki Frontale 3-2 in front of 27,851 fans at Ajinomoto Stadium, with Kawasaki storming back from two goals down thanks to a second half display that saw Juninho, Hiroyuki Taniguchi and Renatinho all get on the scoresheet against their shell-shocked rivals from across the Tama river.


The Saitama derby saw Omiya Ardija hold local rivals Urawa Reds to a 1-1 draw, with Urawa defender Hajime Hosogai cancelling out an early goal from Omiya’s Korean defender Park Won-Jae in front of 37,027 fans at Saitama Stadium.


Elsewhere in J1 a thumping Masaki Yamamoto free-kick was enough to see Shimizu S-Pulse beat Albirex Niigata at Big Swan Stadium, while Sanfrecce Hiroshima eked out a 1-0 win at fellow southern club Oita Trinita. Montedio Yamagata and Kyoto Sanga played out a dull scoreless draw, while JEF United were held to a 1-1 draw by Yokohama F. Marinos in front of 14,833 fans at Fukuda Denshi Arena in Chiba.


Kashima Antlers lead the way as the league breaks for a month for the climax of Asian World Cup qualifying, with Urawa Reds four points behind defending champions Kashima. Albirex Niigata are in third, while Kawasaki Frontale and Gamba Osaka round out the top five.


In J2, the pick of the fixtures saw relegated sides Consadole Sapporo and Tokyo Verdy play out a 1-1 draw in front of 10,002 fans at Atsubetsu Stadium in Hokkaido, while Shonan Bellmare thumped the hapless Kataller Toyama 5-0 at home. League leaders Cerezo Osaka dished out a similar thrashing in beating the troubled Avispa Fukuoka 4-1 at home, while rock-bottom Yokohama FC went down 2-1 away at promotion chasing Vegalta Sendai.


Cerezo Osaka lead the way in J2, with Shonan Bellmare a further two points behind. Vegalta Sendai lead the rest of the chasing pack, with Ventforet Kofu and Mito Hollyhock rounding out the rest of the top five.


Makoto Hasebe crowned Bundesliga champion


Former Urawa Reds midfielder Makoto Hasebe played the opening fifty-five minutes of VfL Wolfsburg’s 5-1 thrashing of Werder Bremen on Saturday, as Wolfsburg coasted to a first-ever German title.


Hasebe’s international team-mate Yoshito Okubo was an unused substitute, as the two became the first Japanese players to win a Bundesliga title since Yasuhiko Okudera did so with 1.FC Köln back in 1978.


Both Hasebe and Okubo have been named in the Japan squad for the upcoming final round of Asian World Cup qualifiers.




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Blatter U-turns on World Cup rotation and Bandar Togel Hongkong



FIFA President Sepp Blatter has signalled that the policy of World Cup rotation is about to be ditched.


Speaking to the BBC, Blatter admitted he would welcome England bidding for 2018, a tournament which under the present model, should be held in North or Central America.


“I am advocating we open the market,” said Blatter. Back in May, he described rotation as “a milestone”, speaking to FIFA delegates in Zurich, while only a month ago, announced that a final decision on rotation with regard to 2018 would come at the end of October.


With 2010 going to (South) Africa and 2014 to South America (Brazil), Europe’s next turn would not have been in 2018 (CONCACAF) but in 2022, a ridiculously long wait for that continent’s front runner, England.


Given the concentration of money, power, media and fan interest in European football, it seems brave, or foolhardy, to award it the tournament only once every 24 years (there are six FIFA regions).


The traditional system of alternating from Europe to South America was ripe for reform with the global spread of the game and now Japan/Korea, South Africa and the USA have all hosted, or are about to host, the sport’s showpiece event.


Outside of the traditional power bases, Australia and China could both mount serious bids before long, but political worries will probably keep the Islamic world, in the form of Morocco and Egypt, excluded for the foreseeable future. The USA is also determined to host the World Cup again after the success of 1994, the the swathe of impressive new American stadia and the arrival of David Beckham to MLS. Mexico, too, is interested in hosting its third World Cup.


It is therefore, unquestionably the world’s cup, yet any change to the traditional Atlantic alteration should not be so rigid as FIFA’s rotation system. Four years is a long time to wait and in a continent like Europe where England, Russia, Spain, Italy and Holland & Belgium are all itching to host the World Cup, a possible wait of half a century is too long for any country.


Rotation was never fully explained – does Oceania or CONCACAF has as much right to host the World Cup as Europe? , never universally accepted by the Bandar Togel Hongkong world and was only rushed in as a response to Germany sensationally snatching the 2006 tournament from the heavily Blatter-endorsed South Africa by the narrowest of margins (Oceania’s Charles Dempsey abstained on the final vote).


Brazil had a shoe-in for 2014 because South America had not hosted the event since Argentina in 1978.


Brazil and its decrepit stadia and infrastructure is far from ready to host the World Cup however, a fact which swayed Blatter to renege on one of his favourite pet policies.


After Colombia and Argentina withdrew, the one-horse race south of the equator illuminated a flaw in the rotation system if the only contender is manifestly unable to host the month-long show.


“We are not in a very comfortable situation in South America,” admitted the FIFA President.


“It is better to have three or four associations trying to get the number one competition of the world.”


Rumours abound that a new system will prevent only the previous two host regions from applying, reducing the minimum wait for any country to 12 years.


It should be remembered of course that the FIFA Executive committee and not Blatter ratifies policy and CONCACAF’s controversial Jack Warner for one is against any change to the status quo.


However, the days of the half-baked, hasty and unconvincing rotation system are now clearly numbered.




Read More announces its 3d Judi Slot Jackpot winner



News about lucky casino players pop here and there daily. It makes others think of going to some casinos and trying their luck there. Some of these players manage to become famous with their huge winnings, the others simply become means of the income for the casino.


A player was assured by his friend to spend his time playing judi slot slots and getting fun. She did so and was lucky to hit a large progressive jackpot estimated in $100 000. She is now the third big winner at the site online casino site.


She remarked that her friend had convinced her to try First she played free games to find out what games she liked the most. After a small training the winner transferred money to her account and started a serious game.


That unforgettable night started with a video poker game Jack’s show. After this game the winner focused on playing Heavenly Reels, a 4-payline slot machine with a progressive jackpot. However, her $100 000 she won on Wheeler Dealer, slots with nine reels and 8 pay lines.


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A-League 2006-07 Season Bandarqq Preview Part 1



Can the bottom four from season one make the required leap into the playoff series this season? Marc Fox reports.


New Zealand Knights


After a whirlwind close season, just six players from John Adshead’s first-year recruitment drive remain at the side which finished a hefty 20 points adrift at the foot of the table. And rightly so. New coach Paul Nevin – Adshead’s former assistant after arriving fresh from coaching Fulham’s reserves in England – has blown the cobwebs from an underachieving group with a whopping 14 new signings.


Nevin has endured the wrath of Football Federation Bandarqq Australia and Knights supporters alike for his insistence on improving the calibre of squad with or without New Zealand players. Only three of his acquisitions are Kiwis and he’s even spoiled that piece of public relations by releasing three other New Zealanders – including player of the year 18-year-old Jeremy Brockie – from the season one squad.


But there’s little doubt the club is in better shape because of it. The traditional pre-season tournament has seen the Knights string together their longest unbeaten run since the team’s inception. And by common consensus they won’t be the easy beats of last year. Nevin has bought in players with real character and a sense of team ownership – both elements sadly lacking in the inaugural season.


He has also immediately instilled a rigid playing system with an impressive central pairing of former internationals Richard Johnson and Scottish playmaker Scot Gemmill.


Last season: 8th


Major arrivals: Matt Carbon (Barnsley, England), Scot Gemmill (Oxford United, England), Richard Johnson (Newcastle Jets), Dani Rodrigues (Yeovil Town, England)


Major departures: Jeremy Brockie (Sydney FC), Jeremy Christie (Perth Glory)


Key man: Dani Rodrigues


One to watch: Malik Buari


Coach: Paul Nevin (first season)


Melbourne Victory


From top of the A-League in October to second bottom come round 21, Melbourne’s debut season left supporters shaking their heads in disappointment. The Victory finished meekly after promising so much earlier in the campaign – the 5-0 rout of eventual champions Sydney FC when World Cup striker Archie Thompson scored twice – a classic example.


During crunch time, the depth of coach Ernie Merrick’s squad was sorely tested. Thompson departed for a six-month loan spell at PSV and talismanic captain Kevin Muscat – recently recalled to the Socceroo setup – missed three crucial matches through suspension. Their replacements just never quite cut it.


But the upcoming campaign promises much more. The returning Thompson, the rejuvenated Danny Allsopp and respected Scottish midfielder Grant Brebner should provide a step up in class. An uncertain element has also been added to the Melbourne mix through Merrick’s recruitment of three Brazilians: forwards Fred and Claudinho and left-sided Roberto Carlos-esque Alessandro, perhaps the pick of the bunch.


Merrick has also learnt from previous mistakes. His was the first fully-assembled squad this time after struggling through undermanned last term. Moreover, pre-season training started in earnest back in April with former Olympic sprinter Adam Basil – now turned Melbourne’s strength and conditioning coach – putting the players through their paces. This in turn has delivered a fully fit and raring Muscat, something the combative defender himself admitted fans never witnessed last season.


Last season: 7th


Major arrivals: Fred, Claudinho & Alessandro (all Brazil), Grant Brebner (Dundee United, Scotland), Adrian Caceres (Perth Glory)


Major departures: Richard Kitzbichler (Salzburg, Austria)


Key man: Kevin Muscat


One to watch: Alessandro


Coach: Ernie Merrick (second season)


Queensland Roar


Even though Queensland rhetoric tells you the club were just a solitary victory from making the playoffs, the Roar’s failure to win around Christmas cost them a chance of breaking into the top four. They languished outside the top half for two-thirds of the season and it was only three late season wins which propped up their points tally towards the end.


In summary, last year Queensland were defensively sound but profligate in front of goal. No surprises then that three of the team’s major arrivals are international calibre strikers, and that of season one’s quintet of forwards, none remain (although Socceroo Alex Brosque was nabbed by hometown club Sydney FC in acrimonious circumstances).


Coach Miron Bleiberg should have a lot of fun trying to prise ex-China striker Yuning Zhang, Scotland under-21 representative Simon Lynch and local hotshot Ante Milicic into his side despite his penchant for playing three up front. The Roar’s supply line to the strikers has also been bolstered with Germany’s Marcus Wedau arriving from VfL Osnabruck, a direct replacement for Korean Shin Tae-Yong who was forced into early retirement last term.


Bleiberg has wheeled and dealed his way to a vastly superior playing staff on paper but concerns still linger as to the coach’s tactical proficiency and the side’s ability to gel in readiness for the new season.


Last season: 6th


Major arrivals: Yuning Zhang (Shanghai Shenhau, China), Simon Lynch (Dundee, Scotland), Marcus Wedau (VfL Osnabruck, Germany), Ante Milicic (Newcastle Jets)


Major departures: Alex Brosque (Sydney FC), Jonti Richter (New Zealand Knights), Scott Higgins (Falkirk, Scotland), David Williams (Brondby, Denmark)


Key man: Hyuk-Su Seo


One to watch: Spase Dilevski


Coach: Miron Bleiberg (second season)


Perth Glory


Ownerless Perth have endured a torrid pre-season. With the FFA taking over the reigns from previous chairman Nick Tana, who relinquished the licence on April 1, progress over the club’s new head coach ground to a halt. Then earlier this month, Ron Smith, the former technical director of Australia’s national teams, accepted the position with ex-Socceroo David Mitchell his assistant.


Smith has very quickly added the remaining pieces to the Glory jigsaw although followers are concerned by the lack of star names. A haphazard recruitment process, reminiscent of Steve McMahon’s ultimately fruitless drive a year ago, has seen really only the arrival of Stan Lazaridis wet supporters’ whistles. Lazaridis, an unused squad member at the World Cup, picked Perth over premiers Adelaide – basically choosing his hometown over his wife’s.


Considering Perth’s suspect forward line, which truly only boasted veteran pair Bobby Despotovski and Stuart Young before Smith’s arrival as coach, critics have seized on the decision to strengthen the striking department with two untested youngsters, Luka Glavas and Mimi Saric. Neither player has spent much time in the top-flight.


Lazaridis adds excellent balance to the midfield where he’s certain to be deployed on the left flank after spending much of his latter Premiership career at full-back. New Zealander Jeremy Christie is also an exciting prospect while Simon Colosimo has plenty still to prove after returning from Europe.




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