2022 June

Diet & Acne: Finding the Relation

People of every age group, particularly youngsters are at a major risk of acne due to their unhealthy diet and failure to adopt a healthy skin care regimen. Surplus oil by sebaceous glands causes acne flare-ups. Although stress, heredity, hormonal changes and certain medications are said to be the leading causes of acne, diet also plays a crucial role in acne. Teenagers these days binge on pizzas, chocolates, chips and other junk foods that cause acne breakouts. Avoiding these foods and following a healthy diet will help fight acne easily. Here is your complete guide to fight acne through a healthy anti-acne diet.

Omega 3 fatty acids

If you are desirous of gorgeous skin and want to get rid of pimples completely, you must include foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. Fatty fish like salmon must be included in your diet, if you are a non-vegetarian in order to keep acne at bay. Vegetarians can add flaxseeds and walnuts to diet for controlling acne.

Selenium Rich Foods

A powerful antioxidant like selenium helps fight acne and keeps skin supple. Consume whole grain foods and nuts to minimize skin damage. Besides these foods, onion and garlic are good for fighting acne.


Annoyed with acne breakouts and want to get rid of them quickly? Think no more and include vitamins in your diet. Apart from giving you a clear, glowing skin, vitamins are acne-fighting foods that clear zits easily. The following vitamins must be included in your diet, if you want to get rid of pimples. Also you can read about “where can fillers be used on face” here

Vitamin C – Foods rich in vitamin C help improve functioning of immune system and minimize acne scars to a great extent. Include plenty of fruits like papaya, oranges, mango, kiwi fruits, melons and broccoli in your diet to battle acne.

Vitamin E – Acne scars drastically reduce your confidence level and cause depression. Boost your confidence level by completely eliminating these scars with the help of vitamin E rich foods. Include almonds, spinach, olive oil, Kiwi fruits and tomatoes in your diet to reducing scarring caused due to acne.

Vitamin B6 – A diet rich in vitamin B6 aids the body in creating other chemicals that help battle out infections resulting in acne. Foods such as whole grains, nuts and avocados must be had regularly to prevent acne.

Foods with High Water Content

Acne sufferers are often recommended to increase water intake because it helps replenish skin and keeps it hydrated throughout. The body is able to effectively get rid of toxins with the consumption of foods such as watermelons, cabbage, cucumbers and parsley.

People who have battled acne have pointed to a healthy diet in helping them get rid of the common skin condition. A healthy diet comprising of these foods will not only alleviate acne problems, however it will also help you have a clear, glowing skin. Apart from these foods, you can control acne by dermology acne treatment and buying skin care products like dermology acne cream, which will give effective results.





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