Rare UK Comics

The rarest comics in the UK

If you are interested in collecting some of the rarer comics, then there are certain comics that whilst are no longer being published are much sort after by collectors. It is also not just the first or last editions of those comics which are sought after by collectors!
As such and to enable you to get an idea of which are the comics that you should keep your eyes peeled for which may have a substantial value, in regards to their original cost and price, we have put together a list of those comics below.
To help give you a little bit more information regarding each of the comics listed below we have also put alongside each of them the year in which they launched and also the year in which the final edition was published and went on sale.
You may find some of these comics laying around at home in your loft, at car boot sales or in antique or specialist collectors shops and fairs, however their current value is always going to be dependent on demand, so do keep that in mind and if purchasing any of the following comics then try not to pay over the top!
Boys’ World – Not by any stretch of the imagination was the Boy’s World comic a popular one for it only was available between 1963 and 1964, however if you ever do find any editions of that comic in a good condition then they may be worth a tidy bit of money!
Bullet– One comic that did have something of a much longer run when compared to the above one was Bullet, which launched in 1976 and the final edition was sold a couple of years later is 1978.
There are surprisingly a lot of comics still doing the rounds at collector’s fairs and the such like and as such the comics are not worth as much as you may have hoped they would be if you do find you have any of them at home.
Comet Man – Comet Man was a good read and having seen a few of the editions of this comic it is one we think you may enjoy reading too, thanks to its main and obvious character that being Comet Man!
The first edition was available in 1951 and the comic was quite popular for the next few years however it fell out of favour in 1956 which is when the last edition was sold. You may be surprised at how much collectors are prepared to pay for any edition of the Comet Man comic so do keep your eyes peeled for them!
Cor!! – One comic that you may just remember if you were around in the 1970’ s was Cor!! This was a comic that covered several different market places and it did have a fairly successful run, it’s very first edition became available in 1970 and the very last edition was sold in 1974.
Depending on which editions of that comic you may have unearthed some collectors are prepared to pay a premium for the first and last editions of this comic.
Countdown – The Countdown comic was launched in something of a blaze of publicity back in 1971 however much like many comics that had gone before it there was not much interest in this comic after the very first few editions and as such the comics final edition was sold not long after its launch in 1972.
Being a comic that was not in production for very long there are quite a number of collectors who are eager to have any editions of it to add to their collections, and as such it is another comic to keep your eyes out for.
Cracker– One final comic that you may be interested in discovering was Cracker, there were as you have probably already realised a lot of new comics that launched in the 1970’s however this is sadly another comic that did fall by the wayside and the last edition of it was sold in 1976 less than a year after the comic was launched in 1975.
Whether it was the hot summer of 1976 that led to the demise of this comic who knowns, however there are still collector’s eager to buy Cracker.