Most Played Mobile Slot Games

The most popular, most played mobile slots

We are aware that there are literally hundreds of different slot machines that you can play on any type of mobile device, however if you are looking for some of the more unusual and unique slots to play, either in a free to access and no risk way, or as real money slots then the following guide will be of interest to you.
Below you will find a list of just which mobile slot games are the most popular ones, and alongside each of the slot names you will find out when players cannot help playing them and what features and bonus games have made these slots as popular as they are with players.
Tomb Raider – The one thing that players love about the Tomb Raider slot game is that there are two very regularly triggering bonus games which can be triggered and awarded to you as you play it. The free spins bonus game can re-trigger numerous times as you are playing it off and the pick to win bonus game can and often does award some rather large winning payouts to players when it has been triggered.
Football Stars – The Football Stars slot is one of the more recently launched mobile slot games however what does make this slot games a hugely popular one is that it offers a rolling reels type of playing structure. So when a winning combination has been spun in the winning symbols get removed and new ones fall into position from above, thus giving you the chance of forming another winning combination.
Avalon – It is the free spins bonus game that players of the mobile Avalon slot game are always looking to trigger, for when it does get awarded to you then not only does an additional wild symbol come into live play but a random multiplier value also comes into play.
The random multiplier will be displayed at the end of any single winning free spin and will then boost the value of that winning payout by the value of that displayed multiplier value, which can be a huge sized one by the way!
Break Da Bank – There are five pay lines spread over the three reels of the Break Da Bank slot game, and each of those pay lines has a different jackpot payout on offer. This slot is a popular one as it comes with additional wild symbols and also the game has a high payout percentage and also boasts a range of different staking options too!
Couch Potato – The final slot game that you may be interested in playing on your mobile device is the Couch Potato slot, and what makes it a popular one is that it is a classic slot so only has one payline and three reels.
But playing it with three coins will see you having the chance of winning a whopping 15,000 coin jackpot, and x5 wild multipliers are in play which become x25 multipliers when two of them help to form any winning combination!