Casino Software and Gaming Platforms

Whilst there are of course a lot of different things that you are going to be able to do with any computer, one of the biggest online industries is of course the gambling industry, and you are going to see adverts and banners plus plenty of text links all over the web that will direct you to some form of gambling site.
It is with that in mind we have put together the following guides which is going to introduce you to a range of different companies that all have available by casino using their services some form of gaming platform or casino software that you can make use off.
You will be given the option of playing any of their casino games via a fee play options, or if you are feeling particularly lucky then you can of course choose to play the casino games on offer for real money, the choice is always yours!
Playtech – There are not many online casino software companies that also provide the games to land based gambling venues. However that is something that Playtech has managed to achieve, and as such you are going to find their casino games available both at online casino sites and in some land based gaming venues too.
The list and variety of games offered by any online casinos site using the Playtech designed and supplied gaming platforms really is huge, and as such you are always going to be guaranteed of finding exactly the type of game you enjoy playing the most.
To enable as many players as is possible to access their range of games they are available as multi-currency games, and can of course be accessed via a free play demo mode or as reel money games too.
Microgaming – Microgaming are the longest established company that provide both the gaming platforms and games that are available at a huge and growing number of online casino sites.
They offer a fully downloadable gaming platform and an instant play gaming platform, however you are going to find that any casino site using their software and gaming platforms is going to be offering you the largest selection of casino games.
The games are accessible as free to play games or real money games with the exception being all of the progressive type games which can only be played for real money.
However, as Microgaming also release lots of brand new games each month then if you do wish to play casino game online then there are plenty of new games always available at casino sites using their gaming platforms and software!
Real Time Gaming – The Real Time Gaming casino software is aimed mainly as US based players, and is available via either a fully downloadable gaming platform or via a web browser instant play based platform.
However, one thing you do need to be aware of is that all of the operators of casinos using their software are able to pick from a range of different pay table son the vast majority of their games.
So when playing at a real Time Gaming software powered online casino site you need to check which pay tables are attached to their range of games as they may not be the highest paying ones available.
NetEnt – You will find that the gaming platform on offer by NetEnt which many online casino sites now use, is a web browser based platform, and as such you are going to be able to access the range of games on offer from any casino site using their range of games via any web browser on your computer.
One aspect to using a NetEnt software powered online casino site that you may find beneficial, if you wish to play those games for real money is that you will be able to play them in one of several different currencies, and as such you should select the one you use at home!
Whilst here are going to be lots of different games accessible via the NetEnt gaming platform you will find the casinos sites offering their range of games do offer lots of slot machines and slot games which may or may not appeal to you.
Mobile Compatible Games
You will also find that all of the above names companies will also have available some form of mobile gaming platform. As such you will find you will be able to play their range of casino games via a downloadable casino app or via a mobile web browser.
The games work and operate in much the same way no matter how you access them, and as such you will always be benefiting from all of the same features and playing structures no matter whether you play them as online casino games or as mobile gam